DaBaby’s rollercoaster journey from the controversial incident at Rolling Loud in 2021 to his resurgence in 2023 is nothing short of remarkable.

Back in 2021, the rapper found himself in hot water after a highly publicized homophobic rant that went viral, leading to the loss of several brand deals and a seemingly stalled career. But fast forward to 2023, and DaBaby is making a triumphant comeback.

His recent music releases have garnered some success, and he’s even ventured into directing music videos for fellow artists. DaBaby’s determination and resilience are paying off, and he’s on the upswing once again.

Recently, he appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s show, Club Shay Shay, where they delved into a wide range of topics, including his ill-fated Rolling Loud performance. DaBaby candidly revealed that he was going through tough times at the time of the incident but emphasized that it served as a significant learning experience and put him in a better mental space.


In his own words, DaBaby expressed, “I don’t regret anything that I’ve been through. It feels so good to be able to say that and mean it. I done probably said that before, but I ain’t mean it. I really feel like that’s a blessing in disguise at this point in my life, and I just came to that realization in the past two weeks.”

It’s clear that the artist has undergone substantial personal growth through this journey, even though the source of his mentioned “$200 million” figure remains a mystery.

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