Shannon Sharpe recently addressed the idea of dating Kim Kardashian in a candid interview with TMZ. The NFL legend made it clear that, even if Kardashian were to pursue a relationship with him, he wouldn’t be interested. Sharpe cited their busy schedules as the main reason why it wouldn’t work.

“Kim has enough going on,” Sharpe told the outlet. “She’s an outstanding businesswoman, and what she’s been able to do with her family is amazing. But I’ve got too much on my plate. She has too much on her plate, and besides, I’m a pretty private guy. I don’t want to live a public life.”

When asked what he would do if Kardashian were to text him, Sharpe humorously replied, “I’m gonna figure out who gave her my number because we don’t travel in the same circles. I think she’s amazing in what she’s been able to do. I’m happy for her, but I’m good.”

He also clarified that his lack of interest in dating Kardashian doesn’t mean he’s closed off to dating in general. Sharpe explained that his primary focus at the moment is his media company, which demands most of his attention.


Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco had previously suggested that Sharpe and Kardashian should date during an episode of Nightcap, jokingly calling them a “power couple.”

However, Sharpe’s response indicates that he’s content with his current priorities and not actively seeking a high-profile relationship with the reality TV icon.

How do you feel about Shannon Sharpe’s response to the idea of dating Kim Kardashian? Do you think it’s important for individuals to prioritize their own goals and commitments over pursuing high-profile relationships? Leave us a comment.

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