Aaron Rodgers is not backing down from his determination to return to the football field after his Achilles injury. The New York Jets quarterback, who recently mentioned his intention to return in “a few fortnights,” has now clarified his goal to make a comeback in mid-December.

During a pregame interview with NBC’s Melissa Stark, Rodgers emphasized his belief in the possibility of a speedy return, stating, “I know it sounds insane, but you do a good surgery, you have a good patient, it makes this possible.”

Rodgers also revealed that he has been diligently working on his recovery, currently using a weight-limited treadmill at 50% of his body weight and planning to increase it to 75% in the coming week.

This update aligns with recent reports from TMZ Sports, indicating that Rodgers is making exceptional progress in his recovery, defying the typical timeline for athletes to return to full strength after such an injury.


If Rodgers does make his comeback before Christmas, it will be a significantly faster recovery than the usual 9+ months required for athletes to reach peak condition before returning to action.

Throughout his rehabilitation journey, Rodgers has demonstrated his dedication, regularly practicing his throws before Jets games and walking without assistance or a noticeable limp.

The New York Jets, currently standing at 4-5 and near the bottom of the AFC East, could greatly benefit from Rodgers’ return. However, the quarterback has made it clear that he won’t return to the field until he is confident that his leg is fully healed and there is minimal risk of reinjury.

Aaron Rodgers’ determination to return to the football field despite his Achilles injury is admirable. How do you think his potential comeback will impact the New York Jets’ performance in the upcoming games? Leave us a comment.

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