Megan Fox recently opened up about her tattoo regrets during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. The 37-year-old actress, who has collected around 20 tattoos over the years, admitted that she’s not pleased with one of her latest inkings.

While discussing her tattoos with Drew Barrymore, Fox revealed, “I just got one that I don’t like that I have to rework.” Although she didn’t provide specific details about the tattoo in question, she expressed her intention to “save it” through reworking.

Despite the potential hassle of redoing a tattoo on her entire arm, Fox remained optimistic about the process, even adding a touch of sarcasm as she said, “And it’s my entire arm, so it’s not a big deal. But that will be fine, we’re gonna save that one.”

Fox also touched on the issue of how tattoos can change as they age, leading to regrets. She explained, “As they get older, you regret them because they just don’t look good anymore because they oxidize and spread. It’s not words you want associated with your body ever.”


This isn’t the first time Megan Fox has had to deal with tattoo-related regrets. Earlier in the year, she revealed that she had covered up a tattoo she had gotten in honor of her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, before their divorce was finalized in early 2022.

The tattoo, located on her pelvis, previously spelled out “Brian” in cursive lettering but had since been replaced with an intricate snake design.

How do you feel about Megan Fox’s openness regarding her tattoo regrets and her willingness to rework or cover up tattoos that no longer resonate with her? Have you ever had a tattoo that you later regretted and considered altering or covering up? Leave us a comment.

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