Doja Cat isn’t one to shy away from controversy, and this time she’s firing back at accusations of blackface in her latest teaser video.

In the teaser posted on her Instagram page, Doja is seen being interviewed by her character Scarlet, from her latest album release of the same name. Both Doja and Scarlet are fully adorned in red makeup, giving off a gory, blood-soaked appearance.

This isn’t the first time Doja has sported this look, as she’s previously used it in her music videos and even at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards performance of the same song. However, it seems that the lighting or other factors may have confused some fans, leading to accusations of blackface.

In response to the allegations, Doja took to her Instagram Stories with a fiery message. She posted a series of images clearly showing the “Scarlet” character covered in red paint, with the caption, “YOU HAVE TO BE … A VERY SPECIAL … KIND … OF F–KING STUPID.” She then followed it up with another clip from the upcoming talk show spoof.


Ironically, Doja chose to respond to her fans’ concerns by trashing them in the same video clip that had upset them. This fits into a pattern of behavior for the artist, as she has been vocal about her disdain for her own past music and has engaged in trolling her fanbase regularly.

While some fans have expressed outrage at her seemingly ungrateful attitude towards their support, others believe that this behavior is part of the character she’s adopting for her Scarlet album era. Doja seems to be fully embracing this persona, even in her interactions with her fans.

In the teaser video, “Scarlet” Doja poses a cheeky question to her guest, asking if she appreciates her fans. The inner monologue plays with phrases like “I hate my fans” and “My fans are dumb” before she responds with a sly “Yeah,” eliciting a strong reaction from the audience.

It seems that Doja Cat is not only unapologetic but also doubling down on her provocative approach, leaving her fans and critics alike guessing about her next move.

What do you think about Doja Cat’s response to the accusations of blackface in her teaser video? Is her provocative approach part of her persona for the Scarlet album era, or do you believe there’s more to it? Leave us a comment.

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