It was a high-octane showdown that could’ve easily been a scene from “The Real Housewives of Miami” itself!

Sources spill the tea to TMZ about a full-blown screaming match that erupted between stars Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura. The drama unfolded right after they touched down in Miami, fresh from their BravoCon appearance.

Word has it that the fiery exchange went down near the baggage claim, and it was the kind of explosive confrontation that makes reality TV gold. Alexia wasn’t holding back, calling out Adriana for her claims on the new Bravo season that she and hubby Todd were struggling financially. Yeah, she dropped an F-bomb on that one!

Adriana didn’t take it lying down and shot back, “You act like you’re the star of the show.” Alexia, not one to be outdone, fired back with a confident, “Yes, I am the star of the show!” Talk about a power struggle!


Adriana, sporting a COVID mask and white gloves (safety first!), confided in her fellow costar Julia Lemigova about the whole ordeal. She claimed that Alexia had it out for her because she saw her as the weakest link. Adriana also accused Alexia of being mean and put Julia on the spot, asking, “This is your friend … do you see what she does to me? Do you want to be friends with this person?”

The situation got so heated that even another cast member, Kiki Barth, tried to play peacemaker, urging the ladies to cool it before they became the stars of a viral airport video.

Eventually, the epic yelling match ended, and the two reality stars went their separate ways, heading off to their respective cars. Drama level? Off the charts!

So, what sparked this Miami mayhem? It all began when Adriana made some comments about Alexia and Todd’s supposed financial struggles during the premiere episode of the new season.

In response, Alexia was quick to set the record straight, asserting that they are far from cash-strapped and that she and Todd are “doing just fine” and “laughing all the way to the bank.” Well, the drama never ends on “The Real Housewives”!

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