Harry Styles’ recent decision to shave his head has left fans mourning the loss of his famous curls, and they’ve been expressing their grief through creative TikTok tributes.

In one video, a fan shares throwback photos of Harry’s curls while Taylor Swift’s song “Bigger Than the Whole Sky” plays, humorously adding “goodbye” to each photo and “whole sky” to a collage of his hair at the end. They captioned the video with “Rip hairrry Feb 1994-Nov 2023” along with hashtags like #baldrry and #baldrryconfirmed.

Another edit features Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” and begins with the new TMZ video showing Harry’s shaved head before transitioning into a montage of clips showcasing his curly locks. The fan captioned it, “rip pretty curls 2010-2023.”

A third fan expressed their hurt over Harry’s hair decision with before-and-after photos, captioning the latter with lyrics from Olivia Rodrigo’s song “The Grudge” and adding, “The betrayal.”


The connection between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift is well-known, with many speculating that several songs from Taylor’s “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” album are about the former One Direction singer.

How do you think Harry Styles’ dramatic hair change, from his signature curls to a shaved head, might impact his image and career in the music and entertainment industry? Leave a comment.

Steve Carrier

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