Rick Ross, a prominent figure in the rap industry, has a legendary career and a substantial net worth. Known for his success in various ventures such as real estate, liquor, and the restaurant industry, Ross continues to amass wealth, positioning himself as one of the wealthiest rappers in the game.

On Friday, Ross is set to release “Too Good To Be True” with Meek Mill, a highly anticipated album that has garnered significant attention from fans. While the album’s release is a focal point, Ross also has his sights set on achieving billionaire status in the hip-hop world.

In a recent video shared on his Instagram story, Ross expressed his ambition to become hip-hop’s next billionaire, asserting that he believes he can accomplish this milestone as early as next year.

“We racin’ to a billion, n***a,” Ross confidently stated. “I’m a year away. I’m a year away. Let’s go, baby!”


Although the journey to becoming a billionaire is challenging, Ross has been actively involved in various investments, and he intends to continue these efforts. If his investments yield the returns he anticipates, he could be well on his way to achieving billionaire status within the timeframe he envisions.

Fans and observers are eager to see if Rick Ross can make his billionaire aspirations a reality in the near future, and his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen will likely play a crucial role in his pursuit of this ambitious goal.

Steve Carrier

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