Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first met on the set of their movie ‘Gigli’ in 2001 and Affleck quickly proposed the following year. However, the couple split up before the wedding only to reunite in 2021. Jennifer and Ben finally got married in August 2022 but things haven’t been the best for them since then. In fact, Affleck is currently in the doghouse with Lopez after he refused to clean up after their pets.

According to, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are facing marital challenges, with a major bone of contention being the management of their sizable menagerie of pets. This is largely due to Affleck refusing to clean up the animals’ poop or wrangle them.

It was reported that the couple’s living situation has turned into a chaotic zoo, as their eight dogs and one cat are described as untrained and frequently creating a ruckus within their home.

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They’ve got eight dogs and a cat, so it’s a complete zoo,” dished a source. “None of the dogs are properly trained, so they’re constantly barking and racing around the house chasing the cat. It’s chaos!

According to the National Enquirer‘s tipster, Jennifer Lopez “swears” she’s the only one who tries to manage the animals as she always tells Affleck to pick up the slack or at least “pick up the poop.”

Affleck’s approach seems to involve attempting to resolve the issue by paying someone to do the work for them. However, this has not necessarily been accepted by his wife at all. It was added that the dogs love him a lot and get overly excited when he goes out. Due to this, Jennifer must give them treats to get them to calm down and she feels like he gets all the perks with none of the work.

 “His answer is to hire people to do it for them. But it really bugs Jennifer because he has more than enough time on his hands. So in her view, he’s just being lazy.

The dogs especially can’t see to get enough of Ben. They race to him when he walks in the room. If he leaves the house, they start whining and want to follow him. Jennifer must give them treats to get them to calm down.

Basically, he gets all the perks with none of the work, which is one of her biggest frustrations.”

This comes at a time when there are already tensions between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez due to Affleck’s close rapport with his former wife, Jennifer Garner. Regardless, we’ll have to see if they will be able to fix their issues eventually.

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