Keefe D, the prime suspect in the 2Pac murder case, has finally received a trial start date of June 3, 2024!

This is a major twist in the enduring saga of this high-profile case. Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, is steadfastly maintaining his innocence in the shocking murder of the rap icon. As we all remember, the world was rocked when 2Pac was fatally shot in Las Vegas back in September 1996 following a Mike Tyson boxing match.

Just recently, on Tuesday, November 7, Keefe D made a dramatic appearance in court, flanked by his public defender attorneys. The court drama unfolded as Keefe D was informed that he would remain behind bars until the trial kicks off next summer. The big question on everyone’s minds: Will he secure bail before the trial? His legal eagles, Charles Cano and Robert Arroyo, are hinting at a bail attempt but remained tight-lipped about any further case particulars when hounded by reporters outside the courthouse.

Here’s the kicker: Even though Nevada boasts the death penalty, prosecutors have shocked the world by revealing that they won’t be seeking capital punishment for Keefe D if he’s found guilty. Talk about a curveball!


Keefe D, now 60 years young and battling cancer, stands as the sole person ever charged in connection with 2Pac’s murder, following his arrest this past September. The twist here is that despite pleading not guilty, Keefe D has been anything but consistent. In his 2019 book, “Compton Street Legend,” he dropped a bombshell, hinting at his involvement in the tragic shooting of 2Pac.

According to Nevada prosecutors, the tale of the shooting revolves around a casino brawl between 2Pac and Orlando Anderson, a notorious Crips gang member who also happens to be Keefe D’s nephew. The plot thickens as Anderson is allegedly in the car with Keefe D during the drive-by shooting, with some eyewitnesses pointing fingers at him as the potential triggerman. Tragically, Anderson met his own untimely end in an unrelated gang-related shooting in 1998.

The aftermath of the shooting left Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight nursing injuries and eventually serving a hefty 28-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter. But here’s a jaw-dropping twist: Suge Knight, speaking from behind bars, has declared that he won’t be taking the stand against Keefe D, expressing deep reservations about seeing his former compatriot arrested and thrown behind bars.

The saga continues, and the world eagerly awaits the blockbuster trial slated for June 3, 2024, when all the secrets, twists, and turns of this long-standing mystery may finally come to light. Stay tuned, folks, because this case is far from over!

What are your thoughts and opinions on the upcoming trial of Keefe D in connection with the murder of 2Pac? Do you believe the trial will finally provide answers to the long-standing mystery surrounding this case? Share your insights and speculations in the comments below.

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