Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink venture, PRIME, has hit an astonishing milestone, reportedly selling a whopping 1 billion units!

The official PRIME social media account couldn’t contain their excitement, thanking their fans for making PRIME the fastest-growing beverage in history.

In just 22 months since its launch in January 2022, PRIME managed to reach this incredible billion-unit mark. However, not everything about PRIME has been a smooth ride, as critics have widely criticized its taste, with none other than Gordon Ramsay giving it a harsh 0/10 rating, likening it to “swallowing perfume.”

Logan Paul himself couldn’t help but express his astonishment at the brand’s overwhelming success, posting, “What is life?” on his own social media account. PRIME has become an integral part of Paul’s endeavors, from WWE skits where KSI dressed up as a giant PRIME bottle to their joint boxing card officially dubbed “The PRIME Card” by DAZN.


Despite its popularity, PRIME has faced its fair share of challenges. In July, the drink faced a recall in Canada due to its high caffeine content, which was not compliant with Canadian regulations. Paul attributed this to “Illegal or unauthorized imports” and expressed plans to release a Canadian-compliant version.

Moreover, the energy drink has drawn criticism from Senator Chuck Schumer, who labeled it a “serious health concern” due to its high caffeine content, with a 12oz can in the United States containing 200mg of caffeine. There was also an alarming incident in the UK, where a child suffered cardiac arrest after consuming a can of PRIME, which contains 140mg of caffeine. Despite these controversies, PRIME remains immensely popular among young audiences and continues to secure major sponsorship deals, such as with the UFC.

What are your thoughts on PRIME’s incredible success and its controversies, such as the taste criticism and concerns about caffeine content? We’d love to hear your opinions and experiences with this energy drink in the comments below.

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