MMA fighters pick up a wide array of skills while they’re training. Sometimes those abilities are very beneficial, and it really paid off for one former fighter recently.

Halloween night was a wild one in Miami, and Javier Baez was involved in quite a chaotic scene. The former MMA fighter had to take down a knife-wielding man in self-defense.

A man named Omar Marrero was screaming and holding a knife in a parking lot. This is when things turned up a couple of levels, as WPLG News reports that Marrero reportedly walked over and started hitting Javier Baez’s window with the knife as he sat in his parked car.

Omar Marrero then opened the driver’s side door and tried to slash Javier Baez, who got out of the car to handle the situation. Marrero kept swinging the knife at Baez and then he got a second blade from his vehicle nearby.


Javier Baez wasn’t shaken up by this event, though, and he remembered his days as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. That is when he took down his assailant.

Baez disarmed Marrero and put him in a chokehold. Baez later told a WPLG reporter that things got easy once he got his hands on the attacker.

Once I started putting the choke in, he kind of just let it go because no one is worried about anything else but breathing when you’re losing air. I was able to hold him down with my knee and call the cops, and he woke up, cops came, and it was good, easy peasy!”

Police arrested Marrero, who was charged with several felonies, including aggravated battery. Hopefully, he learned a very valuable lesson.

We will keep our eye out for more updates on this story here at Thirsty For News. You never know what will break next. You can check out the video below.

What’s your take on this periling story? What would you have done in this situation? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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