Rob Lowe is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood at the moment and has appeared in several movies and television shows during his career. Lowe’s private life is not new to any controversy and he has made headlines again.

The actor is now being sued by an ex-employee who used to work as his Estate Manager. However, the woman claims that she was more of a personal assistant during the time of her employment.

The plaintiff claimed that she was terminated when she asked Lowe for a month off from work owing to the advice she received from a licensed healthcare provider.

The woman also claimed that Lowe has not paid her for working overtime and remotely. She claims that apart from her $100k salary, she is owed $87,823.89 in unpaid overtime along with interest, $12,498.20 for missed meal period wages, and $17, 305.20 for an award of a penalty.

Advertising has since learned that Lowe has denied the allegations and has given a completely different account of what happened.

“Plaintiff’s discrimination claims are similarly meritless.” He continued, “Even then, she failed to disclose any information about the nature or scope of her purported disability preventing Defendant from providing (or even discussing) reasonable accommodations.”

The actor also claimed that she ghosted him and did not seem interested in discussing her disability with him or reaching an accommodation that would’ve complied with the law. It remains to be seen which party will emerge victorious from this lawsuit.

What do you make of the plaintiff’s claims? Are they justified? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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