Machine Gun Kelly found himself in the spotlight at a recent F1 race, but it wasn’t his racing skills that had social media buzzing. Nope, it was his rather bizarre interview with British sportscaster Martin Brundle that stole the show.

Now, Martin Brundle is no stranger to quirky celebrity interviews during F1 races. Remember the awkward moment with Cara Delevingne earlier this year? Well, lightning struck twice when he caught up with MGK at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

In a rather strange mood, MGK left Brundle hanging and had him repeating questions before giving an answer about his career, saying, “Oh, my career. I don’t think about my career.” But it didn’t stop there; the rapper then shared his profound thoughts on F1 racing, calling it “great” because it’s loud and your life is on the line. Exciting, right?

And then it got even weirder. MGK asked Brundle for an “air piano and air guitar collaboration right now.” Let’s just say it left the TV host looking more puzzled than ever.


Social media platform X/Twitter couldn’t resist chiming in, and it seems both participants got their fair share of criticism. One commenter pointed out the obvious, “How are you gonna ask that man to do anything with his hands while he’s holding a microphone?” Another quipped, “I don’t think about MGK’s career either.” Ouch!

But MGK hasn’t just been making headlines for his quirky interviews. He recently made waves for punching a fan in the face and dealing with a stage-crasher. Plus, he and Eminem found themselves on a hit list created by a disturbing mass shooter over the summer. The shooter expressed hateful intentions towards both rappers in disturbing writings.

It’s safe to say that MGK’s F1 interview added a new layer to his eventful year. Stay tuned to Thirsty for News for more unexpected moments in the world of Machine Gun Kelly.

Steve Carrier

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