Get ready to spill the tea, because 50 Cent, the rap game’s OG, is dropping some major wisdom bombs on the newbies!

50 Cent’s iconic 2003 debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” just hit another milestone on Spotify – a whopping four billion streams!

The G-Unit boss didn’t hold back on social media, sharing his success and some golden advice for the up-and-coming rappers: “Y’all better take notes! Slow down and make your music a damn classic. Over 4 billion Spotify streams, b*tches!”

Fans couldn’t help but chime in with their hilarious reactions. One fan joked, “50, you had me wanting to get shot so bad, man!”


Another fan did the math, saying, “There are 8 billion people on this planet… and 50 Cent’s still the GOAT!”

But wait, there’s more! Earlier this year, “In Da Club” became a billionaire on Spotify, joining the elite club of tracks with over a billion streams.

50 Cent’s advice? He’s been preaching it for years: “Take your time, make it a classic, and it’ll never fade away!”

Just when you thought the party was over, 50 Cent earned his first diamond plaque! “In Da Club” became the 43rd rap track to reach diamond status, with 10 million singles sold.

And don’t forget the 20th-anniversary celebration of “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”! 50 Cent gave fans a chance to own a piece of history with personally autographed vinyl pressings.

So, there you have it, folks – 50 Cent’s classic album is still making waves, and he’s dropping gems left and right. Stay tuned for more hip-hop history in the making!

What do you think makes “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” such a timeless and iconic album in the world of hip-hop? Leave us a comment below.

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