The iconic Missy Elliott has officially made history, and it’s a moment to remember! On Friday, November 3, the legendary artist, who is 52 years young, became the very first female rapper to be inducted into the prestigious Rock Hall of Fame. It was an emotional and groundbreaking event that left fans and fellow artists in awe.

Her good friend and fellow rapper, Queen Latifah, had the honor of introducing Missy Elliott during the induction ceremony. Queen Latifah delivered a touching speech that highlighted the profound impact of Missy’s debut album, “Supa Dupa Fly,” on the music industry. She emphasized that “nothing sounded the same after Missy came on the scene,” and rightly so. Missy Elliott’s unique style and innovative approach to music have always set her apart.

Queen Latifah described Missy as a “futurist” who has consistently pushed boundaries and looked ahead in her career. She commended Missy for fearlessly addressing misconceptions, stereotypes, and misogyny that women in the industry face. Queen Latifah’s message was clear: Missy’s influence and message are universal, reminding everyone that “it’s possible to do everything and to be great at it.”

Following Queen Latifah’s heartfelt introduction, Missy Elliott took the stage for a performance that electrified the audience. Accompanied by a crew of incredibly talented dancers, she delivered a high-energy medley that included hits like “Get Ur Freak On,” “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly),” “Work It,” “Pass That Dutch,” and “Lose Control.”


Missy’s speech during the induction was equally powerful. She expressed her gratitude to everyone in the room, humbled by the presence of fellow inductees. Missy highlighted the unifying power of music, emphasizing that “we all love music in some form.”

In a touching moment, Missy shared that her mother was in the audience, witnessing her live performance for the very first time. It was a deeply personal and special moment for the rapper.

As if that weren’t enough, Missy Elliott recognized the significance of the moment, stating, “This is the 50th anniversary of hip hop, so this is different than me just being up here.” Her emotions got the best of her, and she tearfully continued, “To be standing here, it means so much to me.”

Missy Elliott’s induction into the Rock Hall of Fame marks a historic achievement, not just for her but for the entire hip-hop community and women in music. It’s a moment to celebrate her groundbreaking career and the impact she has had on the music industry. Congratulations to Missy Elliott on this well-deserved honor!

What are your thoughts on Missy Elliott’s historic induction into the Rock Hall of Fame as the first female rapper to receive this honor? Leave a comment below.

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