,Cardi B emerged victorious in her defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K back in 2022. Now, the rapper is set to receive a multi-million dollar payment to compensate for her trauma and legal fees, among other things. However, as of the latest reports, Tasha K has yet to pay back even $1 million of the almost four million owed to Cardi B.

Months after winning the lawsuit, Cardi B sought ways to speed up the payment process, while Tasha K scrambled to arrange a new trial. However, Tasha K’s appeal was denied, and in March of 2023, she apologized to Cardi B over the drama.

Despite the apology, Tasha K’s words don’t pay the bills. Cardi B began exploring options to seize the online entertainer’s property, eventually settling on collecting checks from ad revenue on YouTube and her website. According to RadarOnline, Cardi B collected $9,304.81 from Tasha K at the end of last month and is now ready to pick up her next check, which amounts to just $640.

It remains unclear if Cardi B is still looking to take over Tasha K’s home and how much that would reduce her debt to the rapper. However, it’s likely that Cardi B is feeling frustrated with Tasha K’s endless attempts to delay the payment process.


The beef between Cardi B and Tasha K dates back to 2019 when the Hustlers actress sued Tasha K over accusations of prostitution, drug use, and false STI allegations.

It’s unknown how long it will take for Tasha K to pay back the money owed to Cardi B. However, it’s clear that Cardi B will continue to pursue her owed payment until it is fulfilled.

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