UFC President Dana White has been facing criticism for his involvement in the Power Slap League, a slap-fighting league that has drawn controversy for its violent nature and low pay for competitors. However, White has stood firm in his defense of the league, claiming that it is a success both financially and in terms of viewership.

Recently, after UFC 288, White made an eyebrow-raising claim at a post-fight media scrum, stating that the Power Slap League has been No.1 on social media when it comes to the numbers of all other sports combined.

According to White, the Power Slap League’s new broadcast deal with Rumble is more lucrative than the UFC’s previous distribution deal with Spike television network.

“It’s been incredible. The deal that I just got for Slap is bigger than the UFC deal we got with Spike after the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.”


White went on to claim that the Power Slap League outperforms all other major sports combined when social media metrics are taken into account.

“Not only is it unbelievable money-wise, it is also unbelievable on social media. We’re No.1 in all of sports…. And when I say all of sports, if you take the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, F1, WWE, and added them all together…. Their numbers don’t compare to Power Slap.”

Despite White’s claims, the Power Slap League has faced criticism from various groups, including fans, fighters, and media outlets. Critics have raised concerns over the league’s violent nature, arguing that it promotes dangerous behavior and encourages fighters to cause harm to their opponents.

Moreover, some have criticized the league’s low pay for competitors, which reportedly ranges from $200 to $1,000 per match. This has led to concerns over the welfare of the fighters, who often risk serious injury for relatively little compensation.

The declining viewership of the Power Slap League has also been a cause for concern. While White has claimed that the league’s social media presence is strong, its television ratings have been decreasing steadily. According to reports, the viewership for the Power Slap League’s most recent event was down by over 50% compared to its debut event.

Despite the backlash, White has remained committed to the Power Slap League, stating that he sees it as a potential rival to other major sports leagues. While the future of the league remains uncertain, it is clear that the controversy surrounding it is unlikely to subside anytime soon.

Do you think the league has the potential to rival other major sports leagues, or will it continue to face backlash and declining viewership? Leave a comment.

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