Everyone in this world likes to be chosen out of love. It’s the same for rappers like Soulja Boy too. However, he didn’t like the fact that people chose $250 food stamps over a dinner with him in a street interview.

856 Entertainment came out with a street interview asking people hypothetical questions. One of the questions involved people picking between dinner with Soulja Boy or $250 food stamps. To Cortez’s disappointment, everyone chose the food stamps.

This made Soulja go on a rant about them choosing food stamps on Instagram. He made a short video cursing out everyone who didn’t choose him and the disappointment showed on his face. Although it’s ultimately sort of hysterical to see the Atlanta artist respond in this way to a popular video, it is undeniable that it must hurt a little.

“Y’all n***as are gon’ die broke, broke-a** n***a. F**k-a** n***a. Y’all some broke-a** n***as. Y’all couldn’t go out to dinner with me if y’all wanted to.”


The rapper stepped it up a notch as he disparaged the state of New Jersey, where the disputed Instagram page is domiciled. In fact, he made a bomb threat similar to “Faneto” by Chief Keef. Overall, the reaction is fairly funny and is reminiscent of the “$500K or dinner with Jay-Z” motif.

This question originates from a viral social media discussion in 2021. Back then people were asked to choose between “$500,000 or dinner with Jay-Z?” It sparked a massive debate on Twitter as to which was the better investment between them.

Soulja deserves much more flowers than he currently receives, at least based on social media. He is frustrated that he is not perceived as a shrewd businessman. However, he continues to produce music in the rap game and is an absolute marketing genius.

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Anirban Biswas

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