Lala Kent ended her engagement with Randall Emmett in October 2021 after learning that the film producer was living a “double life.” With that being said, Kent recently got candid with her sexual life and how she plans to move on from the relationship.

On Wednesday’s Vanderpump Rules episode on Bravo, Lala Kent spilled about having the “best sex ever” after hooking up with a man she met at a bar. During a girls’ trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona, the reality star invited Don to a home that Katie Maloney had rented after flirting with him in a bar. Lala, who gave birth to her daughter Ocean in March 2021, claimed,

“I haven’t had sex with a new person in years. I haven’t had sex with somebody since I conceived my child.”

Lala admitted in a confessional that she had bad sex with Emmett. Lala also mentioned how her sex life deteriorated when she got sober.

“Our sex life really declined once I got sober. He made a comment to my assistant, ‘Lala used to be so kinky, fun and sexy. But then she got sober.’ So as far as my intimate partner, it has been me and a vibrator.”

However, Katie encouraged Kent to spend the night with Don. Lala brought Don to her room as Katie and her friend Kristina Kelly looked on. The next morning, Lala told Katie that it was the best sex she ever had and praised Don’s skills in bed.

In the February episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala explained that Randall and she use a specific app to communicate with each other regarding the custody case. She also noted that the app is designed to authenticate messages and for people in high-conflict custody cases. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding Kent’s life.

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