Janet Jackson is well-known for her captivating and energetic performances. However, Janet made multiple headlines at the beginning of the year after she was sued for owing her company managers a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid balance. Janet, according to RadarOnline, is now reportedly fighting back against it and keeping her records straight.

As previously reported, a collection company by the name of Creditors Adjustment Bureau initiated a civil lawsuit against Jackson and her various businesses. According to the lawsuit, Jackson owed a total of $238,593.88 to her former business managers from the firm Nigro Karlin Segal Feldstein & Bolno. The firm’s website touts,

“We work alongside the world’s top artists, athletes and other high achievers across our core competencies: Business Management, Royalty, Tax and Audit.”

Jackson’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, challenged the claim made in the lawsuit and disputed the existence of the debt. He told RadarOnline that the debt claimed by her former managers was due to some errors made with her account, and it was resolved years ago.


“We have been working with a distant former manager who referred a bill to collections that was resolved years ago due some errors that were made with Mr. Jackson’s account.

If the case was assigned for collections and they are suing as the assignee, they will be in for a big surprise as the claim is past the statute of limitations and was resolved years ago before the firm was bought out.”

However, Jackson has not yet responded personally to the lawsuit but has responded on behalf of her companies. Jackson’s companies refute all accusations of wrongdoing in the filing, which RadarOnline.com was able to obtain. According to Richards, the Creditors Adjustment Bureau lacked the legal authority to file the lawsuit.

“[Creditors Adjustment Bureau] has refused, failed and/or neglected to mitigate its alleged damages, and, therefore, cannot recover against Defendants, whether as alleged or otherwise.”

Jackson demanded that the allegations made against her companies be dropped right away. She has plans to ask to have them dropped against her as well soon. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to know the judge’s ultimate decision which is still pending.

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