Doja Cat is one of the most popular pop acts right now, and she is quite passionate about her career. Her dedication and hard work can be clearly visible in her music, which has helped her become extremely well-known throughout the world. However, she has recently given an update to her fans and revealed that she underwent surgery on her breasts and had liposuction.

Doja Cat informed her followers on Monday on Twitter about her decision to get some modifications. This announcement comes after she had teased the idea a few months ago.

“Got my t***ies done and my clit bedazzled.”

“Feels ok,” she added in a follow-up tweet. “I got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much. but im healing really fast.”

The “Woman” rapper then answered a fan’s question about how she was feeling as she recovered from the body modifications by saying, “4 days into recovery rn.” Doja Cat first revealed her desire to have breast surgery last November on Twitter.

“I’m literally about to get surgery this winter.

I just want my t***ies pulled up cuz some of my tops don’t fit the way I want them to.”

One of her fans said that they would stop supporting her if she underwent surgery. To which she gave a straightforward response saying, “And I don’t give a f**k.”

Doja Cat has unapologetically followed her own agenda. She turned heads last summer after shaving both her hair and her own eyebrows. Although the rapper adores her own appearance, she frequently had to defend her decision. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the rap industry.

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Smita Singha Roy

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