Harvey Weinstein is a former American film producer who was accused of sexual harassment and assault by numerous women in 2017, sparking the #MeToo movement. The accusations against Weinstein ranged from unwanted advances to rape, and some of his alleged victims were high-profile actresses in the entertainment industry. He got a lengthy prison sentence for his actions and now it seems Weinstein is struggling to find lawyers for his remaining legal cases.

As previously reported, Weinstein was sentenced to an additional 16 years behind bars on top of his initial 23-year prison sentence.

The case of disgraced movie executive Harvey Weinstein continues to make headlines as he prepares to appeal his verdict in Los Angeles. However, it seems that his efforts to find a new legal team for the appeal have hit a major roadblock.

Reports indicate that Weinstein has been struggling to find a new legal team to represent him in his appeal. This is despite the fact that the date for the appeal is fast approaching. The former movie mogul has reportedly reached out to several high-profile lawyers and law firms, but none of them are interested in working with him.


Deadline is reporting that while Weinstein is locked up in a Downtown Los Angeles jail, he is making calls daily to reach out to lawyers on the far West Coast legal community. Some of those lawyers are commenting.

The Harvey Weinstein case continues to generate controversy and garner attention as the disgraced movie executive seeks new legal representation for his appeal. However, according to Deadline, many Los Angeles lawyers are refusing to take on the case, citing Weinstein’s reputation and history of contentious relationships with his legal teams.

One lawyer, Jacqueline Sparagna of Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, had been representing Weinstein in his appeal, but the two have reportedly parted ways. Weinstein is said to be making daily calls to lawyers in the Los Angeles area in search of new representation.

“I wouldn’t get near that motherf****r with a 10-foot pole,” claimed one lawyer based in L.A. “He needs a new strategy to have an even a fighting chance,” stated another.

“To question the credibility of the state’s witnesses, you have to offer a compelling counter-narrative. To do that, you need a lawyer who is a great communicator, who sends a message to the jury with their presence.

Not to sound like a fossil, but I think he needs to hire a woman.”

For those unfamiliar with the Harvey Weinstein case, it is important to note that the case in question is based out of Los Angeles, which is why Weinstein cannot use his current legal team from New York City. In New York, Weinstein is represented by a team including Arthur Aidala, Barry Kamins, a retired NY Supreme Court Judge, and Diane Fabi Sampson of Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC.

While Weinstein’s New York legal team may be solid, their expertise and experience may not necessarily transfer to the case in Los Angeles. Each state has its own legal system, laws, and procedures, and it is common for lawyers to specialize in one state or another.

The lack of interest from lawyers in taking on Weinstein’s case highlights the challenges he may face in his appeal. With his reputation and history of contentious legal battles, finding a new legal team may prove difficult for Weinstein, even as he seeks to appeal his verdict and potentially reduce his sentence.

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