Jenna Ortega has been publicly criticized by producer and filmmaker Steven DeKnight for her behavior on set.

DeKnight accused Ortega of being “beyond toxic” and “entitled” on the set of a Netflix series after she revealed in a podcast interview that she acted “almost unprofessional” at times due to the content material.

DeKnight took to Twitter to criticize Ortega, stating that it’s bad form in the industry to publicly criticize writers. He accused her of “throwing” her colleagues under the bus publicly over a disagreement in writing styles. He also warned her to consider how she would feel if showrunners gave an interview and talked about how difficult she was and refused to perform the material.

You absolutely can. But you don’t sh*t on your writers in public. It’s bad form in this business. Just like it would be bad form for me to give an interview where I talk about an actor who was always late and not prepared and how I fixed their performance in editing.


Ortega had previously stated in her podcast interview that nothing about her character “made sense to her,” which some have interpreted as a diss to the Netflix writers.

The public criticism of Ortega by DeKnight has sparked controversy and discussion online, with some defending Ortega’s honesty about her experiences on set, and others criticizing her for being unprofessional.

What are your thoughts on the recent public criticism of Jenna Ortega by producer and filmmaker Steven DeKnight? Do you believe that actors should be more mindful of how they discuss their experiences on set? Or do you think that Ortega was right to be honest about her feelings towards the writing? Leave a comment.

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