Kim Kardashian and her former housekeeping staff have agreed to postpone their upcoming court trial to settle their dispute privately.

According to RadRadarOnline, the reality star and her ex-staffers were scheduled to appear in court on May 1, but they have now agreed to postpone the trial for six months to allow time for settlement discussions.

In 2021, Andrew Ramirez and six other former housekeepers sued Kardashian, claiming that they were promised full-time positions with benefits at her Hidden Hills mansion but were instead labeled as independent contractors with no benefits. The housekeepers also alleged that they were not provided with proper meal breaks, pay stubs, and reimbursement for expenses. One of the other defendants was Ramirez’s son Andrew Jr., who he claimed was allowed to work at the mansion while underage.

Kim Kardashian denied being responsible for any issues and pointed the blame at a third-party company she used to hire the staff. Despite her attempts to dismiss the case, the judge allowed it to move forward.


The court battle has been extremely contentious, with Ramirez dragging Kardashian to court numerous times. At one point, he demanded Kardashian being sanctioned for allowing her estate manager fill out paperwork for the court. Ramirez argued that Kardashian was required to fill it out personally and not have her staff complete it for her.

In the latest development, Kardashian and her former housekeeping staff have agreed to postpone the trial and attempt to settle the dispute privately. The court documents state that “The Parties in this matter have entered into settlement discussions and have agreed to mediate this matter.”

The postponement of the trial indicates that both parties are willing to negotiate and reach a mutually beneficial settlement. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to come to an agreement, but the development is a positive step towards resolving the dispute.

What are your thoughts on the recent settlement in Kim Kardashian’s ex-housekeepers’ unpaid wages lawsuit? Do you think justice was served or should more have been done to ensure fair compensation for their work? Leave a comment

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