Erica Banks and Finesse2Tymes ignited dating rumors last year, but unfortunately, their relationship didn’t even last for a month. With that being said, Banks recently got candid about her fling and claimed that the sex she had with her ex-partner wasn’t what she was used to.

Erica Banks recently appeared in an interview with Sierra Gates from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on the first episode of Ghetto Girlz Eat on Sunday. The two women prepare fried fish with yams and cabbage in the traditional Southern style while conversing over wine about social media tactics and being a woman in hip-hop. The kitchen conversation took an unexpected twist when the focus shifted to Finesse2Tymes and things got spicy.

Banks was quick to describe her affair with the Memphis rapper as “a cute moment” that was “fun for what it was” and it ended amicably. However, she admitted that having a sexual relationship with Finesse was a little different from what she had previously experienced.

“Sex was, it was cool. It was cool. It was cool for me, you know, because everybody got they own preference. I could’ve been just cool to him.”


Sierra picked up on Erica’s cues and questioned the rapper about what she meant when she simply said that having sex with Finesse “was cool.”

“When a girl say, ‘It’s just cool,’ I ain’t gon’ lie, it sounds like the man’s thing was small,” said Sierra Gates.

Banks made a brief grimace before taking a moment to gather her thoughts. She then responded after taking a deep breath that the sex she was having with him was just not her ‘type.’

“Ah, well, it wasn’t what I was used to. Let me say that. It ain’t what I was used to. I’m used to a certain type. You know what I’m sayin’?”

However, even though their relationship didn’t work out, Erica Banks maintained her stance that Finesse2Tymes is a decent man and a funny person. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding Banks and her upcoming love life.

What are your thoughts on Erica Banks’ recent comments about her brief fling with Finesse2Tymes?

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