Andrew Tate will remain in a Romanian prison after a Romanian court denied his appeal for release.

For those not following the story, Tate, his brother, and two women were detained in December 2021 on suspicion of human trafficking and organized crime. The court has extended his detainment repeatedly and denied his previous attempts at bail.

Tate’s spokesperson shared that he hoped to be “reunited with his family” and that his legal team would be appealing the decision within the 48-hour time frame. However, according to a report from Sky News, the latest ruling means that Tate will be in prison until at least March 29th. The court has explained that they will be keeping him in custody due to concerns about the possibility of him evading investigations and leaving Romania.

Tate and his brother have maintained their innocence, claiming that the Romanian government has no evidence against them. However, it is uncommon for suspects under preventative arrests to be granted bail. Despite reports earlier this month alleging that Tate was battling lung cancer and needed immediate surgery, he later confirmed on Twitter that he did not have cancer and that he had an 8L lung capacity with the vital signs of an Olympic athlete.


Tate’s case has garnered widespread attention and sparked discussions about the legal system in Romania. The news of his detention and subsequent appeals are likely to continue generating interest and discussion online.

What do you think about Andrew Tate’s ongoing legal situation in Romania? Do you believe he is innocent or guilty of the accusations he faces? Leave a comment below.

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