Professional wrestlers have always been notorious for their involvement in legal problems outside the ring. Sadly, we have another addition to that list. Recently AAA World Trios champion El Cuatrero was accused of domestic violence, and he is going to jail.

El Cuatrero is a Mexican professional wrestler who is best known for his run in CMLL, one of the largest and most prominent wrestling promotions in Mexico. His real name is not publicly known, as is the tradition with masked wrestlers.

El Cuatrero is the brother of wrestlers Sansón and Forastero and the son of renowned Mexican wrestler Cien Caras. After making his CMLL tag team debut in 2015, he quickly rose to prominence by forming the Los Hermanos Dinamita tag team with his brother Sansón.

El Cuatrero is currently 1/3 of the AAA World Trios Champions. However, his reputation might be in jeopardy now as he has been accused of domestic violence by his wife Stephanie Vaquer. The next course of action in the case was to be decided when Vaquer made a formal complaint to the police on Friday, March 10. Although it took a day for the news to spread, that next course of action was remarkable.


El Cuatrero has been detained and accused of attempted femicide as well as domestic violence. After competing in a AAA show in Aguascalientes on Friday, Cuatrero was brought into custody by the police. It’s unclear what will happen in the case moving forward, but Mexican writer Antonio Nieto suggested on Twitter that a hearing had already taken place, noting that Cuatrero’s legal team had submitted a witness who allegedly contradicted Vaquer’s account of events. It is expected that audio and video footage will be provided as proof.

El Planchitas, a Facebook page dedicated to lucha libre, also said that El Cuatrero had been denied bail and that another ex-girlfriend of his had made defamatory claims against him in a Mexican newspaper.

More information was provided, including the fact that the initial hearing for the allegations against Cuatrero was extended after two hours and would continue this Thursday. Both sides have not responded since Cuatrero was detained over the weekend, and Meltzer observed that AAA has not yet taken a decision regarding Cuatrero’s status, despite the fact that AAA released a statement after news of the claims broke early last week.

In a post, translated from Spanish, the Facebook profile updated fans on his status. It looks like he is bound for jail.


Due to the excellent work of the Prosecutor’s Office of Investigation of Domestic Violence Crime, the lawyers of Cuatrero could not bail the probable responsible and that’s why the judge decided that the process should follow him in prison.

The lawyers, after 2 hours of hearing, had no choice but to request the 144 hour constitutional term extension so the hearing will resume until next Thursday.

Notice the fighter’s lawyers’ displeased face as they walked out of the Supreme Court. This Sunday was the first night that Dynamite slept in the Reclusory East.

We will have to wait and see what happens next with El Cuatrero regarding his case. Check back at Thirsty as we follow up on this story.

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