Christina Ricci recently revealed her regrets about posing in pink lingerie for the ‘Nice & Naughty’ cover of Rolling Stone in 1999. The actress, who was only 19 years old at the time, expressed her dissatisfaction with the photo shoot in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Reflecting on the cover story, Ricci said, “It’s not how I would have chosen to be dressed, but it’s very much of its time. Not great.” She also admitted to being “a bit of a d***head” during interviews at the time and added: “I could have handled it in a way that was less teenage.”

Ricci also opened up about her struggles with anorexia during her teenage years and the pressure to maintain a certain appearance in Hollywood. She revealed that the amount of time she spent obsessed with her appearance was significant and that she now embraces body positivity, which she finds liberating.

“I really have embraced this body-positivity thing,” Ricci said. “It’s such a f***ing relief to know that nobody’s allowed to call you fat. [When] people complain about things like that, I’m always like, ‘Haven’t you heard? We don’t have to worry about that anymore!'”


Ricci has come a long way since the Rolling Stone cover shoot. She has since starred in hit films such as “The Addams Family” and “Sleepy Hollow” and has also received two Emmy nominations for her work in television. She has also welcomed two children from her marriages to dolly grip James Heerdegen and hairstylist Mark Hampton.

What are your thoughts on Christina Ricci’s recent interview about her regrets over the ‘Nice & Naughty’ Rolling Stone cover shoot from 1999? Do you agree with her views on body positivity and the negative impact of societal beauty standards? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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