WWE legends live on for many reasons, even after their passing. The Ultimate Warrior is still with us, but stories of his life continue floating to the surface to this day. Once known as an unstoppable force in WWE, The Ultimate Warrior earned a reputation for producing some rough matches, as he pulled no punches to work stiff against opponents. He also didn’t sell very often when punishment was handed to him, and he had a method to this madness.

Mario Mancini, who was a WWE wrestler between 1984 and 1992, revealed on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast that he once gave The Ultimate Warrior some advice. Obviously, this was a unique experience.

“I shake his hand, I go, ‘Wow, you’re built like a brick sh*thouse. Listen, when you go out there, don’t sell anything. Don’t sell nothing. It’ll be like a flea on you. Don’t register. Forget about selling. Don’t even register it.’ He goes out there, whoever he was working with, the jobber hits him in the stomach and he registers it.”

The Ultimate Warrior’s career was not without controversy. He had a reputation for being difficult to work with and had several high-profile feuds with other wrestlers and management. In 1991, he was briefly suspended by the WWF for violating the company’s drug policy. In 1996, he was fired from the company for breach of contract, after no-showing several events and making disparaging comments about other wrestlers in interviews.


The late WWE Hall of Famer also made several controversial comments throughout his career, including homophobic and racist remarks, which led to him being ostracized from the wrestling community for many years. Despite these controversies, Warrior’s legacy as an influential and unforgettable wrestler remains intact.

Vince McMahon also wanted to keep The Ultimate Warrior strong. He rejected an idea for Hulk Hogan to turn heel, and into Hollywood Hulk Hogan, at WrestleMania 6. That angle would have seen Hogan debut his new “HHH” persona while giving Warrior a beat-down as get-back for losing the WWE Title. That never happened, and the rest is history.

The Ultimate Warrior’s legacy will live on, both for beloved and notorious reasons, but his in-ring attitude toward keeping his character strong must be a part of both conversations. While some might not have appreciated The Ultimate Warrior’s drive to no-sell moves, it certainly created historic moments along the way.

Aaron Varble

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