Chris Brown has dedicated himself to becoming one of the most renowned artists in the hip-hop industry, and his tireless efforts have paid off as he has managed to maintain his relevance and success over the years. However, a recently surfaced video shows Brown throwing a fan’s phone back into the audience after she tried to record him giving her an on-stage lap dance, and now the rapper is addressing the incident.

Chris’s onstage lapdances, which he started doing again on the current leg of his Under The Influence Tour, have become viral sensations. The R&B singer, however, didn’t really appreciate how overly enthusiastic one fan got when she attempted to record the experience.

The Neighborhood Talk recently took to their Instagram to share a video clip that captures Chris Brown’s performance of his hit song “Take You Down” during which a fan attempted to record the moment on her phone.

Without missing a beat, Chris smoothly grabbed the phone from her hand and tossed it into the audience. Fortunately, the fan was able to recover her phone at the end of the show. Chris Brown, however, commented on the incident on Instagram, writing, “F*ck dat phone.”


Interestingly, Breezy is not the first performer to throw a fan’s phone back into the crowd. Lil Uzi Vert is accused of hitting another fan with a fan’s phone that he allegedly threw onto his stage during a loud performance at the Wireless Festival in London’s Crystal Palace Park last year. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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