Cardi B and offset are two of the biggest stars in hip-hop at the moment. Considering that both of them are married to each other, they are one of the biggest power couples in hip-hop. To commemorate their love for each other, McDonald’s launched a special limited-time meal for Valentine’s Day.

However, the hip-hop couple’s limited-time meal hasn’t been accepted by all franchise owners. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Cardi B and Offset’s partnership with the company wasn’t well received by several franchise owners who voiced concerns over the couple not reflecting the wholesome values of the company.

Several franchises emailed each other and some locations stated that they wouldn’t promote Cardi and Set’s meal due to the rappers’ “lyrics and lifestyle.”

Some franchises even pulled promotional material and “urged other franchisees to remove advertising and merchandise.” Most of the pushback seems to come from the Southeast and mid-Atlantic states.


McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Tariq Hassan said that Cardi B and Offset’s meal was a celebration of love as it was released on Valentine’s Day. Both Cardi and Set are yet to comment on the pushback they are receiving from franchise owners.

Cardi B is no stranger to controversy as her lyrics have always found her at the center of criticism. This is why several franchise owners are against featuring the hip-hop couple’s meal. We will have to wait and see what transpires next. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we bring you similar stories.

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