Jon Jones is pushing for his name to be cleared of past drug test failures, claiming that the results are no longer valid under a revision to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) rules. The UFC fighter is hoping that this will lead to the no contest result of his 2017 rematch against Daniel Cormier being overturned back to a KO win.

Jones claims via MMA Junkie that all of his findings are under the new legal limit of 100 picograms, which was changed in 2019, meaning that he would have been cleared from every test he’s ever taken. He hopes that the change in the threshold for prohibited substances will allow him to move on from the failed drug tests he had prior to the revision.

“If that same rule would’ve applied back then, it would’ve never made the media,” Jones said. “It would’ve never been a big deal at all. My win over Daniel Cormier wouldn’t be a no contest. It would be a knockout, a KO victory.”

In 2016, ahead of his rematch with Cormier, Jones failed a drug test for estrogen blockers clomiphene and letrozole. He served a USADA suspension for the violation but then tested positive again in 2017 for turinabol, causing his win to be overturned to a no contest, along with a 15-month suspension.


Jones believes that if the current threshold for prohibited substances had been in place during his previous failed drug tests, they would never have made the media and his win over Cormier would not be a no contest but a KO victory instead. He hopes that this rule change will allow him to have his name cleared and set free from being considered a steroid cheat.

“So, I’m hoping that with these rule changes, we could go back and make that no contest a win. That would mean a lot to me. I don’t have any ill will towards USADA. It’s just something we needed to go through. I was the first one, and one of the biggest names to go through it, and I’m glad I did because some of these younger fighters wouldn’t have been able to survive something like that.

“They would’ve just been cut or not been able to afford the lawyers or whatever. So I took the bullet for this sport and Major League Baseball. I’m glad fighters in the future will get to avoid what I went through. It was hell being considered a steroid cheat. I’m glad that people get to see clearly that I never was. I feel set free.”

In the end, it remains to be seen whether Jon Jones’ request to clear his name of past drug test failures and overturn the result of his 2017 fight against Daniel Cormier will be granted. However, with the recent revision to USADA rules and the lowered threshold for prohibited substances, Jones remains hopeful that his legacy can be rightfully restored. Regardless of the outcome, Jones has made it clear that he is grateful for the opportunity to pave the way for younger fighters and for the chance to set the record straight.

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