Farrah Abraham has become a phenomenon that draws millions of viewers every single minute. This time, the “Teen Mom” star revealed that she is ready to be in love and recently shared her new dating profile on her social media.

A screenshot that was uploaded to Reddit shows that the single mother took to her Instagram to share her dating profile. Abraham revealed that she has been sharing relationship “one-liners” on social media because she wants to start dating again.

“Anyways, I am doing a whole different way of life… and with that comes new dating profile vibes,” she said in Instagram Stories.

The former “Teen Mom” requested support from her fans. “I want you to read my beautiful profile. Tell me what you think of it. Send me a message,” she said on Instagram Stories. “This is me being authentic. This is me, like, going in two feet.”


Abraham was open to suggestions for improvement, but only from those who were in healthy relationships. According to the screenshot on Reddit, the star wrote on her profile,

“To know me is to discover that I’m romantic, warm-hearted, fun-loving, authentic, supportive, spiritual, emotionally available, optimistic, family-oriented and a lifelong learner.”

Abraham stated that she is “proud of” her daughter Sophia and wants to have more kids with her future partner. She also wanted to travel with her new boyfriend.

“New experiences and adventures, learning and exploring life to its fullest, traveling near and far (does Bora Bora excite you?), cultural experiences, the feel of the sun on my skin, dark chocolate … comedy, red carpets, holding hands and walking on the beach, romantic candlelight dinners,” she added.

Abraham wants a partner who is “intelligent” and has a “beautiful mind,” according to what she is seeking in a potential mate. “You will be my hero if you are loving,” she continued, according to the screenshot on Reddit.

“compassionate, emotionally available, mentally healthy, a good communicator, supportive, authentic, spiritual, sensual, trustworthy, family-oriented, passionate, non-addicted, possess self-awareness and live with integrity.

You are a man who has space for me in his heart and in his arms. I will admire that you go after your goals and find space to balance relationship, play, family and personal time. You know how to give and receive love, and you value monogamy.”

Abraham made an appearance on “16 and Pregnant” season 1 in 2009. Her ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood passed away in a car accident three months prior to Sophia’s birth. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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