Vince McMahon ran WWE for decades and is, quite possibly, the biggest name in the entire business. The Rock could give Mr. McMahon a run for his money in terms of notoriety, but it’s still impossible to tell The Rock’s story without mentioning Vince McMahon.

Young Rock tells the story of a young Dwayne Johnson, making his way in the world. Through the show, Vince McMahon was introduced as a character, and Adam Ray took on that role head-on.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Brian Gewirtz spoke about Adam Ray, who plays Vince McMahon on Young Rock. Gewirtz praised Ray’s portrayal, as a “peculiar, eccentric, sort of mad genius.” He also admitted that there are a lot of real aspects to Vince McMahon’s character in that part.

As you know, it’s a Friday night family comedy at 8:30. The way Adam Ray portrays Vince, it’s a version of Vince that is peculiar, eccentric, sort of a mad genius and perfectly fits within the world of “Young Rock.” We didn’t really feel a need to change it because, first of all, none of the current stuff is taking place in the era that we’re showing, which is the Attitude Era. Sometimes the ’80s, sometimes late ’90s. Also, Vince, his character is not extraordinarily prominent on the show. He comes in and out and Adam plays him perfectly. Very, very, very funny, in some cases, very accurate. I know I’ve taken specific conversations I’ve had with Vince and have gotten it into the script to perform, especially Vince’s love of someone stepping in dog crap. That’s well documented. Adam and Uli [Latukefu] had a great mostly improv back and forth about it.


So, no, it wasn’t. We discussed it for a little bit, but felt like we could continue and stay the course with the show.

Young Rock is still a hit with fans, although they were doomed to a Friday night time slot. We’ll have to see what the future holds for the NBC show, but as Young Rock progresses, Vince McMahon could become an even larger character.

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