Eminem is the GOAT when it comes to rap and hip-hop. Being such a prominent star, her daughter Hailie Jade also gets attention for every big event in her life. This time, Hailie revealed how her fiance proposed to her on one knee.

Hailie Jade’s fiance Evan McClintock finally popped the question recently. Evan came on Hailie’s podcast, Just A Little Shady, to talk about how he came about proposing to the rap genius’ daughter. In the episode labeled “Introducing my FIANCE.” the couple was having fun talking about their whole experience with the proposal.

According to McClintock, he was supposed to pop the question a bit earlier. He was thinking about it since last summer and needed to find a very “not-obvious” way to make the moment special. Finally on  February 4 that McClintock finally got down on one knee.

“Over the holidays, I was looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious.”


McClintock wanted to take Hailie’s father, Eminem’s blessing on a very special day. Hailie’s birthday is in December and he thought there couldn’t be a better time to as the Rap God for his goodwill. Evan followed Eminem into the house and gathered all the courage to ask for her daughter’s hand.

“I saw your dad go downstairs, and I’m like, ‘I gotta do it right now, or I’m not doing it today, and I’m gonna have to schedule another time. So I just followed him downstairs, and, thankfully, he was just down there getting your cake and I made it happen.”

After asking for Em’s blessings, the next big thing was to choose a ring. McClintock said that while he began to snoop around for the perfect diamond sparkler during Thanksgiving. He thanks Hailie’s sister, Alaina Marie Scott who helped him in finding the perfect ring.

Hailie announced the pair’s engagement in a sweet Instagram post, writing, “casual weekend recap…” The couple has finally found their happy ending ever since meeting in 2016. We only have warm wishes to give to the pair of love birds.

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