T.I. is one of the most successful hip-hop musicians of all time. He is well known for having temper problems and his propensity to stir up conflict. However, according to recent reports, T.I. shared the actual paperwork from the gun case he pinned on his deceased cousin Toot in order to prove he wasn’t a snitch.

The Atlanta rapper revealed court documents from the 2003 Fulton County case on Thursday and took to his Instagram Stories to post pictures of them along with a text written over it. According to the document’s closing paragraph, the documentation uncovered during the “illegal stop, arrest, search and seizure and interrogation,” was suppressed and could not be used against him.

“FYI…Can’t Nobody Who Got dey name in other people’s paperwork queustion me about mine!!!! I got it on me…we can have a paperwork party PULL UP…or [shush emoji].”

The records back up claims made by T.I. earlier this week during an interview with Trap News Network in which he discussed the circumstances surrounding the case and how he “embellished” his account of it. He reaffirmed that if he and a friend catch a gun case and one of them passed away, there shouldn’t be a problem with the gun being pinned on the dead person.


“Off that conversation, I created a set of circumstances and I thought that the embellishment was clear when I said I talked to my cousin and he told me. Humor, satire and sarcasm, it escaped them.”

The T.I. snitching issue occurred in December when a clip from one of his expediTIously podcast episodes from August 2020 went viral. T.I. admitted in the video that he had made up his deceased cousin’s involvement in a gun crime in order to avoid going to jail. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates regarding the ongoing case.

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