Logan Paul joined WWE, and he brought a lot of attention as well. The YouTuber turned boxer actually impressed a lot of people along the way. While he hasn’t seen a ton of time in the ring, every time The Maverick has stepped in the squared circle, it captured attention and created a moment for the highlight reel. It seems his brother might like to come along for the ride.

Jake Paul hasn’t signed a deal with WWE, but he did show up in Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel event to watch his brother take on Roman Reigns.

While speaking with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Jake Paul said that he would consider a WWE run. That being said, The Problem Child’s boxing career is the most important thing for him right now, so he doesn’t want to jeopardize that with an injury.

“We’ll see. I’m down. I just don’t want to get injured. My brother tore his MCL; it’s crazy out there. So, I just don’t want it to derail my boxing and all that, but I’m down. I love WWE. I love working with my brother. So that would definitely be something that could be on the horizon, for sure.”


Jake Paul praised his brother’s work ethic as he took on a transition to the pro wrestling ring. He also said that Logan Paul takes on everything he does and wants to excel. Then again, that’s just how the Paul Brothers roll.

“We always take everything we do very seriously and want to excel at it. That’s just how the Pauls do it. Whatever it is we set our mind to and get involved in, we want to be the best at it.”

We’ll have to see if Jake Paul shows up at WrestleMania 39. Logan Paul is set to take on Seth Rollins at the show of shows, so Jake Paul showing up for that big match could make a lot of sense. Only time will tell if he actually gets involved in the match.

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