“You” is one of the popular thriller television series based on Caroline Kepnes’ book. With that being said, the fourth season of “You” premiered on February 9 and has received a tonne of positive feedback from viewers. However, the biggest fan of the show has to be Drew Barrymore and she recently got the most surprising experience as her birthday present.

The actress was in for a big treat when one of her favorite stars appeared during the surprise birthday special of her “The Drew Barrymore Show.” Co-host Ross Matthews guided a blindfolded Drew Barrymore into a glass cage resembling the one in the popular Netflix series “You” in a brief preview clip posted to Instagram. In the series, Joe Goldberg, played by Badgley, uses the cage to capture his victims before he eventually decides to kill them.

Matthews warned her as the talk show host moved into the cage, saying, “Don’t take that blindfold off. Just stay with me for a second okay? Don’t take it off.” The “Charlie’s Angels” star gushed, “This is the most exciting blindfolded experience I’ve ever had. I hear chains?” Matthews told Barrymore to take off her blindfold, and when she did, she eagerly explored her cage and waved to the audience.

“You are of course in a glass cage because we know that you love a certain show, so we brought ‘You’ to you” the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” personality joked. Then, with a gift in hand, Badgley walked up to the glass cage and was greeted ecstatically by Barrymore.


“It’s not supposed to be this way!” the “Gossip Girl” alum laughed as the “50 First Dates” star collapsed to the ground in shock. “Here, this is a birthday gift for you, I know you like to remove stains,” Badgley said as he inserted a bottle of cleaner into a compartment built into the box. He said, referring to the implications of the glass enclosure, “You’re not supposed to want this!” To which Barrymore responded, “You know me so well!”

CBS will air the special birthday episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” on Wednesday. However, the remaining episodes of “You” Season 4 will premiere on March 9; the first half of the season is already available on Netflix. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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