It’s not uncommon for celebrities to face unusual accusations from strangers they’ve never met. Last year, Drake dealt with a home intruder who claimed to be the rapper’s son. While the claim was unfounded, it highlights a common occurrence where people on the internet falsely claim to be related to a celebrity. However, these allegations can be harmful to all parties involved and should be handled outside of social media. Unfortunately, personal matters can easily spill onto Instagram and other public forums when you’re a high-profile figure. Now it seems LL Cool J can be included in the same category.

Over the weekend, a video of rapper LoveBenji began to circulate online, where the rapper claimed that he is the “hidden son” of LL Cool J, though he’s only aware of his dad by his government name, James Todd Smith.

It’s important to note that at this time, the claims made by LoveBenji have not been confirmed or substantiated. LL Cool J has not publicly responded to the allegations, and it is unclear if there is any truth to LoveBenji’s claims.

In situations like this, it is important to approach these types of claims with caution and wait for any official statements or confirmations before jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. It is also important to respect the privacy of all parties involved.


“I feel like it should be public; now I need to just get this off my chest. I want to give thanks to you too, man. James Todd Smith, That’s what I know him as, [my] father [and] great man. But many of you probably know him as LL Cool J,” he said.

He claimed that LL blocked him on socials, though he sends him $200 every once in a while. BenJi also stated that he tried to visit his father and his family in the past. “I really didn’t want to take it here and have the blogs blow it up or nothing like that…Since he’s blocking my number, I haven’t heard much from him. I feel like this is how I’ll be about to reach out to him. That’s my truth. Let me know, Dad,” he concluded.

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