Chris Brown has worked really hard to establish himself as one of the most acclaimed artists in the hip-hop industry and has successfully maintained his relevance over the years. Brown is renowned for making headlines for random reasons, and he did so once more by stopping a recent performance midway to check on a fan who appeared to have passed out in the audience.

On Monday, videos of Chris Brown helping someone who may have experienced a medical emergency while at one of his concerts started to go viral online. The singer paused his entire performance to give the fan the attention they required.

Chris Brown noticed that something wasn’t right among the enormous crowd of fans present as he was performing “C.A.B. (Catch a Body),” the studio version of which features Fivio Foreign. The superstar stage veteran noticed what seemed to be happening, and Breezy signaled to the sound crew off-camera to stop the show abruptly for the person who appeared to be in trouble. “Hold up, hold up,” Chris Brown can be heard saying in the video clip.

“Is somebody hurt right there? Somebody passed out right there? Hey, give her some water right there.”


Breezy then paused the performance for a few more seconds while the person in trouble was apparently attended to. However, it is unclear exactly when the incident occurred or what the condition of the person who fainted in the crowd is.

Chris Brown’s act of kindness towards a fan comes after several controversial headlines about Breezy in recent days. Chris Brown went on a blame-fueled rant about the cancel culture for White artists after his unveiling last week that he’ll be releasing an upcoming collaboration with Chloe Bailey titled “How Does It Feel” received significant backlash on social media due to his assault on Rihanna back in 2009. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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