50 Cent has always been very vocal, whether that is in his songs or online. The rapper has recently been on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber. However, the episode with Fif couldn’t surpass the one with the former Kremlin of Russia. This resulted in a friendly quarrel online between the two personalities.

Fif and former Kremlin of Russia, Victor Kozyrev exchanged a few words on social media. It comes after Ari Melber of The Beat announced that 50 Cent’s interview was the second most-watched video only after Kozyrev. Fif’s video has amassed over 4.4 million views while Victor’s stands at 5.4 million.

50 took to Instagram and shared the infographics for the most-watched interview on The Beat. He captioned the post, “who is this guy who beat me?” Melber posted the screenshot of Fif’s post and the former Kremlin replied by saying, “Today many people ask me who’s @50 cent?”

Kozyrev even modified his Instagram bio to include the phrase “Who is 50 Cent?” as Ari Melber noted. The connections Kozyrev had to the powerful Kremlin didn’t seem to bother 50 Cent. On Monday, he continued to mock the former politician.


During his aforementioned interview with Ari Melber, Kozyrev criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fif mocked him by saying that his words against Putin can put him in a bad situation. All jokes aside, Kozyrev thanked 50 Cent for supporting Ukraine, while also informing him that his son is a “big fan.”

It’s great to see former politicians and musicians having a bit of fun while also addressing tougher situations in the world. Such interactions are always welcomed and are necessary to keep the world on a soft cushion of peace and love.

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