‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy is perhaps one of the most exciting and captivating additions to the AEW roster. The current AEW All-Atlantic champion is known for his impressive in-ring style and his lazy gimmick at the same time, with his entire persona inspired by a character played by actor Paul Rudd. Recently, Rudd has seemingly found out about Cassidy and decided to respond to him regarding this.

It’s no secret that a certain character from the cult favorite absurdist comedy “Wet Hot American Summer” served as the basis for Orange Cassidy’s wrestling image. Cassidy perfectly captures the essence of Andy, who is portrayed by Paul Rudd in the movie, down to his signature jacket and sunglasses and the music playing at his entrance.

Up until now, Paul Rudd was unaware of this. However, during a recent press junket to promote the impending “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” journalist William Mullally informed Rudd of the connection, through which the beloved Hollywood star learned about Orange Cassidy’s existence only recently.

“That’s amazing. How do I not know this? Thank you for telling me.”


For those who haven’t seen “Wet Hot American Summer,” Rudd’s character Andy is a camp counselor who is obsessed with maintaining his image as a “cool” man. Moreover, Orange Cassidy has obviously internalized Andy’s lazy mentality to the most in his character.

With his sloth-like movements evoking the iconic scene in which Andy grudgingly picks up cutlery that he had just thrown to the ground, Orange Cassidy has worked hard over the years to further develop the character. However, it’s impossible not to recognize Andy in the DNA of the persona.

Rudd is promoting his most recent, high-profile Marvel Cinematic Universe film, while Cassidy is the current AEW All-Atlantic Champion and performs in the AEW. We will have to wait and see if these two ever come across each other in some sort of crossover capacity in the future.

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