Jade Cargill has proven to be a dominant force of nature on the AEW roster. In only a year within the company, Cargill emerged as one of their top-tier talents, becoming the AEW TBS champion for more than a year and establishing a winning streak of 50 straight wins on AEW Dynamite. Recently, Jade named two icons in Cardi B and Beyoncé that she would like to see as a part of her Baddies section dream team.

Cardi B has emerged as an exceptional songwriter and American rapper. She first became well-known as an influencer on Instagram and Vine. Furthermore, Cardi B gained more notoriety after the release of her two mixtapes, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 (2016) and Vol. 2 (2017), which chronicled the pursuit of her musical goals.

Beyonce, as everyone knows, is one of the world’s biggest music and fashion icons. She is renowned for her innovative artistic style and powerful vocals. Moreover, Beyonce gained the moniker “Queen Bey” due to her success, which has turned her into a cultural figure.

Jade Cargill on the other hand, is quite proud of her reputation as a baddie in AEW. She used to have her own stable, The Baddies flanking her in AEW, but Cargill has reduced the squad of four ladies to herself and Leila Gray.


However, that has not stopped Jade Cargill from thinking about making new additions to The Baddies. In an interview with Comic Book, Cargill expressed her desire for Cardi B and Beyoncé to be included in her ideal Baddies Section.

“I would love to have Candace Parker on my roster. I would love to have Cardi B on my roster. would love to have Beyonce on my roster. I love Delle Donne so much. That would be my stacks because they’re strong, independent women that just go out there and just wreck things and go after what they want.”

Cardi B has previously stated that she has been a wrestling fan for a long time, particularly following WWE Hall of Famers Edge, Lita, and Eddie Guerrero. So it could really interesting to see Jade Cargill partner up with celebrities like Cardi B and Beyonce for some special AEW shows in the future.

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