Halle Berry is usually associated with great looks and acting. However, she has a great sense of humor, and she never shies away from showing that off. This time she taunts herself for falling face down at a charity event.

The Oscar-winning actress hit the stage for a luncheon and silent auction honoring an NPO named “Looking Beyond” on Feb. 8. She took to Instagram and shared a video of her getting up on the podium to speak. However, she tripped and face-planted on the floor.

Berry, who was wearing a black pantsuit with silver grommet embellishments, fell, drawing gasps from the audience. She smiled at the mishap after taking a moment to recover from the tumble. She jokingly told the cameras that if this ends up on social media, she would ask her boyfriend Van to come for them.

A compilation of different angles of the fall plays, all the while Boney M.’s “Rasputin” serves as the video’s soundtrack. The luncheon co-chairs Shilla Hekmat and Yas Baravarian helped her back to her feet. Berry presented the Spirit Award to honoree Jacob Smith, a 16-year-old visually impaired skier from North Dakota.


Looking Beyond is a nonprofit organization supporting children and young adults with special needs. They exist to “positively impact the lives of as many children and families with a range of special needs as possible.” The NPO supports various organizations, programs, and services through events and fundraising opportunities.

It’s great seeing Halle Berry attending charities that help people in need. It’s also impressive how she played her fall as a joke and didn’t turn that event all about her. Alongside her great social work, we are keen on what Berry will bring us as a director or actor in the future.

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Anirban Biswas

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