Janet Jackson is well-known for her enthralling performances. With that being said, even the Grammys planned to honor Janet Jackson with a huge tribute last weekend but those plans reportedly fell through after discussions about how to address the way CBS treated Jackson following her infamous Super Bowl Halftime performance.

According to insiders close to The Grammys, there was an issue with giving Janet the Global Impact Award. The Black Music Collective was invited to a pre-Grammy event by the Recording Academy to accept the award, but Janet was unable to go because of her schedule.

According to TMZ, the discussion of how Janet could accept the award during the broadcast came up, but that presented a different issue. Janet never received any compensation from CBS for their treatment of her as a pariah following the wardrobe malfunction incident.

Justin Timberlake tore Janet’s top off during the Super Bowl XXVIII, which was broadcast on CBS, exposing her breast. After the incident, the network faced a great deal of backlash, and that year’s Grammy invitation was withdrawn by CBS CEO Les Moonves for Janet.


According to TMZ, discussions between Janet’s team and Grammy organizers about how CBS could either apologize or find a way to admit how she was treated by the network came to an end because things became too complicated.

Janet was not given the Global Impact Award because she was unable to attend the Black Music Collective event. She didn’t go to the Grammys either, in fact, it’s been a while since she’s been. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates.

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