Kodak Black is certainly one of the most controversial rappers in the hip-hop world. Black is also a very outspoken rapper, and he is also known for doing good things occasionally. However, the rapper is currently moving towards a path to higher education after he revealed he is enrolled at Arizona State University (ASU).

The Florida rapper took to his Instagram earlier this week to announce that he had earned his GED while serving time in prison and is now enrolled at ASU. Yak pledged to “apply” himself at the school, but he thinks the teachers could learn a thing or two from him. “Arizona beennn one of my states fun fact,” Kodak wrote.

“I’m really enrolled in ASU college after getting my GED in jail I’m jus in love wit applying myself although money so long I can teach the school something.

Anywayssss yea its lit this week ‘AZ’ Super Bowl week I’m in my mood I’m home in my comfort zone reallll comfy.”


Kodak will now face a challenging task in juggling his rap career and academics. He is not the first rapper, though, to attend college after becoming famous.

Lil Wayne decided to enroll at the University of Houston (UH) after receiving his GED, but he was forced to leave because of scheduling issues. At the University of Phoenix, he continued his education by taking online courses, and in 2008, he received an honorary diploma. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the rap industry.

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