Jay-Z is one of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time. He has given us a bunch of masterpieces with his unique flow and style. Now, Billboard has announced him as the “No. 1 rapper” of all time.

Billboard and VIBE have been doing the countdown to list 50 of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. It all comes after 2023 registered itself as the 50-year anniversary of the genre. After making a list of many greats in their ranking they have finally revealed the no. 1 to be Jay-Z.

The publication listed names such as Kanye West, André 3000, Lauryn Hill, Ice Cube, Rakim, LL COOL J, Black Thought, etc. Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lil Wayne, and The Notorious B.I.G. were ranked No. 10 to No. 6, in that order. Eminem, 2Pac, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar occupied the No. 5 to No. 2 slots.

The fans, however, took this list with a bit of salt and reacted on social media. A fan praised Jay, “Absolutely. Nobody has as many consistently amazing hip hop records as HOV.” One backed Slim Shady by saying, “Em is the most decorated Rapper in history.” Another noted, “Wayne himself says jay is the GOAT I don’t know why yall pressed.”


Hov’s commercial success, critical praise, cultural impact, and business prowess were used by Billboard to support its argument. The critically renowned rapper boasts 140 million record sales, 14 No. 1 albums, and 24 Grammy Awards. The most notable aspects of Jigga, nevertheless, are his longevity, the range of his achievements, and his influence on culture.

The Brooklyn-bred billionaire entered the 65th Annual Grammy Awards with three nominations. Although he didn’t win any award this time, that doesn’t undermine his impact on the genre and culture.

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Anirban Biswas

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