Mandy Rose was released from WWE in shocking fashion, and now she’s telling her story. It turns out that she felt something was up with things after the company suddenly changed around the plan for her to drop the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez.

WWE released Mandy Rose after her premium content went too far behind her FanTime paywall. She was showing far too much, and also taking big tips to show a lot of skin on live stream. That violated WWE’s morale clause, and she was released.

While speaking to The Sessions, Mandy Rose revealed that she was actually joking about getting fired the night before it actually happened. She showed up to NXT and was told that Roxanne Perez was winning the NXT Women’s Title from her, far before they initially planned. This gave Mandy Rose a feeling that something was coming, even though others in the locker room tried to convince her otherwise.

The next day, which I was anticipating with how everything went down, I was making jokes about it, actually the night before, because you know how we are. It’s the only way [to get through it]. I was making jokes about it, and all the girls were like, ‘oh my god, stop, like no you’re crazy’ and I’m like ‘It’s not crazy.’


Then I got a call the next day at 11 o’clock from that 203 number, when it comes in, it’s either gonna be really good or really bad.

Mandy Rose also said she actually has a cousin from Connecticut, so whenever she gets a call from her family, the same nervous jolt of energy shoots through her that she gets with WWE called. However, her cousin never called to fire her.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Mandy Rose. Obviously, she isn’t stopping, and fans know where to find her behind that premium content paywall.

Transcription by Thirsty

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