AMC is the biggest movie theatre chain in the country with approximately 950 theatres across the globe. However, according to reports, AMC is changing its ticket pricing to a new model which means getting a prime seat at the theatres may cost you a little more now.

According to Variety, The movie theatre chain is beginning a new pricing initiative called Sightline at AMC. This means tickets will now be priced differently depending on where you are in the auditorium, similar to how many concert halls, sporting events, and Broadway productions do.

According to the plan, front-row seats will be less expensive than center-row seats. According to AMC Theatres executive VP and CMO Eliot Hamlisch, “Sightline at AMC more closely aligns AMC’s seat pricing approach to that of many other entertainment venues, offering experienced-based pricing and another way for moviegoers to find value at the movies.”

 “While every seat at AMC delivers an amazing moviegoing experience, we know there are some moviegoers who prioritize their specific seat and others who prioritize value moviegoing. Sightline at AMC accommodates both sentiments to help ensure that our guests have more control over their experience, so that every trip to an AMC is a great one.”


On February 10, AMC will launch the plan in its New York, Chicago, and Kansas City theatres. Three tiers of pricing will be implemented, with Standard Sightline being defined as “seats that are available for the traditional cost of a ticket” and being made available to every location in the nation.

Value Sightline, the least expensive of the three choices, was defined by the chain as “seats in the front row of the auditorium, as well as select ADA seats in each auditorium, and are available at a lower price than standard sightline seats.” Preferred Sightline, the last option, guarantees “seats in the middle of the auditorium and are priced at a premium to standard sightline seats.”

Only shows after 4 p.m. will be subject to the pricing at theatres that use Sightline at AMC. The premium tier is available to A-List tier members of AMC Stubs and no extra charges will be applied. Discount Tuesday tickets will continue to cost $5 regardless of where you sit. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates.

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